In detail

Play tone on tone to enlarge small spaces

Play tone on tone to enlarge small spaces

Small spaces can count on color to support them in their size complex. Next to the color charts having the power to visually enlarge the places, the other tip is to dare to tone on tone. Thanks to it, the furniture blends into the wall, giving the impression of purifying the room. Simple and very effective. Demonstration.

Hotel style

Zara Home Playing it 100% white, 100% tidy, the bedroom has a self-styled "hotel" that will delight it. As a bonus, this judicious choice illuminates as much as it enlarges the premises.

Blue Dream

Espace Loggia The child's bedroom has taken up the challenge of enlarging the space by betting on a blue wall where to lean the bed, also all blue. The little extra: the soothing effect given to the room…

String gray

AM.PM In the parental suite, the gis twine of the ground was declined on the walls (behind the headboard), on the bed, on the linen dressing this one and even on the cradle of baby. In short, a general color chart that only purifies the room dedicated to rest…

Intense pink

Elitis By adding its fuchsia color to the walls and the curtains, this headboard disappears with the click of a finger. Now the sleeping corner seems to melt into the wall, visually freeing up the remaining square meters.

White white

Schmidt If this dining area is not very spacious, its extra white and extra bright dress code gives it unexpected dimensions. And small space became large!

Parma madness

Decorative House The living room offers a uniform outfit by adopting furniture as purple as the walls. A visual deception that makes one forget, once again, its small surface.

It's clear

Habitat Thanks to its white color blending into the white universe of the room, this dining table is almost invisible. Decorated with chairs and white or transparent crockery, the desired effect is at least duplicated. Who says better ?

Abundant blond wood

Ikea Blond wood is omnipresent here: on the box spring, the headboard and the two cupboards bordering the set. Here is a tone on tone to mix with small touches of rain gray to enlarge the space in two stages three movements!

White storage

Ikea For this long piece, there is no question of cluttering the view with storage of all kinds! Unless you bet on white furniture to camouflage their presence. Proof of the effectiveness of this choice in pictures.