And the fluorescent ignited the summer decor!

And the fluorescent ignited the summer decor!

With or without the sun, summer will be fluorescent! By small touches, it will vibrate for sure, every corner of the house.

Fluorescent against white

AM.PM A cottony down with a neon yellow stripe. Who says better to wake up our white spring decor of white and thus go to summer time?

Fluorescent in the garden

La Tête au Cube Small sale of Do It Yourself, also in fluorescent mode. The idea: revamp our classic flower pots by painting their lower part with flashy green, orange or yellow. Energizing makeover guaranteed! Quick, with our brushes…

Fluorescent accessorization

Zara Home The wardrobe also adopts the neon trend. A well chosen accessorization and drawers left uncovered and the room sparks!

Fluorescent in sleek mode

The total fluorescent look is only allowed on furniture and decorative accessories with clean lines, like these divinely tapered vases…

The fluorescent balance

The Collection Fluorescent yellow swing cables, that's what twists kids' room on!

Light on the fluorescent!

Zara Home A fluorescent pink lamp base, or the style of light that we need to electrify our decor, nothing pale.

Neon tableware

Pied de Poule Second lesson in object customization: paint geometric and fluorescent patterns on old plates or antique dishes. Be sure that this subtle blend of retro style and contemporary style will make a splash!

Neon pink

Serendipity A fluorescent pink bed frame? And why not ! In the bedroom, this audacious bias brilliantly shakes up a wise and structured decoration, without overloading it.

Numbers and letters

AM.PM By combining fluorescent color and graphic patterns (numbers or letters for example), we get a wildly summer decorative cocktail.