A retro style decor in the kitchen

A retro style decor in the kitchen

The retro style in the kitchen brings a very appreciable touch of antan. This style is particularly suitable for cooking because you can easily find antique furniture and dishes. The kitchen then becomes a family room where you can rediscover the taste for good things.

Stainless steel touches

Arthur Bonnet ### You can also choose a slightly more modern kitchen by opting for simple furniture. Bet on fairly dark colors like taupe, gray and black which will contrast with white kitchen furniture. Multiply the stainless steel keys to play on the materials.

A cooking piano

Arthur Bonnet ### For a retro spirit, we undoubtedly opt for a kitchen piano that will take center stage in the room to help you make your best family recipes.

Antique furniture

Hygena ### No way to bet on contemporary furniture, we choose furniture that takes on old lines with metal handles and worked wood. For the floor, of course choose parquet or another coarser covering such as concrete.

A flea market spirit

Goal ### Bring a flea market touch to the kitchen by opting for a decoration that seems mottled! We put on a metal suspension, a folding table and chairs and some old pots.