Vintage style decor in the bathroom

Vintage style decor in the bathroom

What if you bask in a totally vintage atmosphere? The retro style now takes over every room in the house, including the bathroom. Furniture and accessories, a little decorative magazine to imagine "your" atmosphere!

Graphic tiles

Popham design For tiling, nothing like terracotta floor tiles to recall the fashion of yesteryear! The graphic patterns bring modernity to the decor. And we add a blue bathtub to bring the color into the bathroom.

Metro tiles

Ikea The metro tiles immediately give your bathroom a vintage look, while being very trendy.

A touch of green on the bathtub

Evgeny Evgrafov Because a touch of color does not hurt, this green painted bathtub awakens the room with a retro atmosphere.

So glam '

HYGENA ### Bet on the chic and refined side of vintage to give your bathroom a very glamorous spirit. Accessorize your room with lampshades, chandeliers and furniture in soft and iridescent colors to enhance your atmosphere.

The detail that makes the decoration

AUBADE ### To give a very vintage tone to your atmosphere, choose bathroom furniture with very retro legs. Push the detail into the selection of your fittings. Fine-tune your decor by opting for veils with liberty patterns and accessories with an old-fashioned scent.

Noir et blanc

CONFORAMA ### A very designer decor for a very vintage atmosphere! Combine the geometric shapes of your wall mosaic with those of very trendy and colorful objects to bring nuance to the room.

Perfume of yesteryear

BRICORAMA ### Because the accessory sometimes makes the decoration, bet, for the vintage atmosphere of your bathroom, on a choice of objects with a little air of yesteryear. Very trendy elegant accessories.

Vintage studette

LEROY MERLIN ### To give depth to your room, play on the continuity and repetition of color in tight spaces. By playing on this perspective, you will give depth to the place. Bet on retro colors and accessories to perfect your vintage decor.