The Conran Shop celebrates the French art of living

The Conran Shop celebrates the French art of living

Until June 24, The Conran Shop celebrates France with its ephemeral space "A Season in France" at 117 rue du Bac in Paris. On the menu: lobster claws, Nicola Fasano dishes, elegant baskets and terracotta dishes. Other French brands such as Temps Libre and its handmade chairs as well as BAAN, manufacturer of stools, are waiting for you ... We are enjoying ourselves!

Beach baskets

It feels like already on vacation with these pretty blue and red woven baskets. If we imagine taking them with us to the beach, we can also hang them in the entrance to create a trendy seaside decor.

Lobster claws

These pretty red lobster claws look strangely ... like lobster claws. At dinner time this summer, they will certainly be a sensation with your guests.

Candles for the table

Terracotta flower pots and candles in small zinc pots create in your interior or in your garden a retro flea market atmosphere totally in trend. We especially do not hesitate to play the accumulation of candles during an outdoor dinner!

Wrought iron in the garden

We love this elegant wrought iron hanging chair that you can dare in any garden. And to accompany it, what could be better than an old bistro table mounted on a wrought iron leg?


We can not wait to dine outside and to dazzle our guests with these beautiful clay pots. We can also use them as a vase if we want them not to leave our decor for a second.

Nets for the market

You have no doubt already seen in your grandmothers these famous shopping nets which used to be used for shopping. Well, know that they are coming back in force today in colored versions like pink or electric blue. Hanging in the kitchen or in the garden, they do not leave us indifferent.

Colorful tea towels

So that summer is already at the rendezvous in our interiors, we adopt without mistake these tea towels with colorful patterns. And no question of putting them in the closet, we display them in the kitchen so that they set the tone.

Chic marble

Underside of a dish or glass, a cutting board or a vase, marble has definitely made a comeback. And on a traditional Vichy tablecloth, it fits perfectly.

Wooden candlesticks

In love with tables full of charm, go to The Conran Shop to get these beautiful light wooden candlesticks. Accompanied by embroidered napkins, they will give your decor an authentic air as we like it.