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Green in the bathroom

Green in the bathroom

Green is the color of hope. To energize a bathroom at half mast, boost storage furniture or wash in a tropical or tangy decor, it is THE color to adopt urgently in the room. We have selected several green bathrooms for you to inspire you before passing the course. Follow the guide !

Colorful bathroom accessories

Leroy Merlin For a more minimalist style in a white bathroom, put green in small touches with colored bath linen or a grass effect bath mat. Your guests will tell you news!

A khaki bathtub

Little Greene This old-fashioned bathtub has pretty white feet and a beautiful khaki color which gives a half vintage half modern style to the bathroom. With wallpaper with floral patterns, it stands out all the more.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror…

Ikea Among the decorative accessories that boost a bathroom, a large round mirror with a green border enlarges the space and allows you to bask in your bath with impunity.

Paint a section of wall in apple green

Castorama In this white bathroom, the bright bathtub is very well highlighted thanks to this apple green color on part of the walls. The extra tip? Leave a frieze at the top and bottom in white, to visually enlarge the space.

A neon green wardrobe

Ripolin Storage is sometimes sorely lacking in a powder room. To have enough space to store your bath linen and your beauty products, you can install a large wardrobe in the pop color that will energize the room.

Have colorful tiles

Point P If you are not sure which choice you want for your bathroom wall covering, choose green tiles that are easy to install and inexpensive. Draw a colorful and geometric frieze that will break the monochrome aspect that you could get tired of.

A whole green room

Nicolas Mathéus In this apartment, the architect imagined a designer bathroom entirely painted in dark green. The porcelain sink and white towels (installed in recesses specially created for this) contrast with this total look.

A tangy storage unit

Conforama Ingenious and practical, this Conforama piece of furniture only has its doors in light green so as not to burden the space. You can acquire several, of different sizes and shapes, in order to play on the levels and the relief.

Change the look of your bathroom

Leroy Merlin If you are renovating your bathroom, you can transform it in no time at all by changing the color of your wall covering. In a narrow room, choose a green tile that inspires you and voila!

Put a sticker on your shower screen

Crazy stickers Boost your bathroom without changing everything, it's possible! For example, a plant or poetic sticker stuck on the wall of a walk-in shower will immediately immerse your room in another atmosphere, at a lower cost.

A geometric bathroom

Espace Aubade At Espace Aubade, bathroom furniture is reinventing itself to create a unique space that you don't see in everyone. The proof with this very original vanity unit and wardrobe. Be careful however to clean them regularly so that the dust does not get stuck in the corners.

Almond green on the walls

Castorama You don't like too much green? Prefer a softer shade, such as almond green, which is less eye-catching and will go well with your bathroom elements. Ask at a specialized store and don't hesitate to bring a color chart home so you can see what it does.

Playing with tiles

Mercier Carrelages In this bathroom, the tiles become a decorative element in their own right since they draw friezes on either side of the shower. We love the frieze that extends to the toilet and creates a very nice trompe l'oeil effect.

A bottle green vanity unit

Blocklip In this rather luxurious room, the marble surface of the furniture as well as the basin and the copper tap combine perfectly with this patterned wallpaper which invites us to travel.

Put greenery in the bathroom

Ikea Green is naturally found in plants, and what could be better than a pretty houseplant for a natural effect in the bathroom? You can also place plant pots on a decorative ladder or create a plant wall.

Change your shower curtain

Twenga Sometimes a little detail can change everything. For example, a new shower curtain with a bamboo pattern can give a slightly rustic bathroom a facelift. Don't forget to add green towels to go with it.

A green recess

Castorama To dress an angle, you can lay a few colored tiles before installing a bathroom corner cabinet. You will save space by optimizing every corner of the room while adding a touch of color.

Tropical wallpaper

Leroy Merlin A straight wind from the tropics is blowing in the bathroom! Because wallpaper also finds its place in the bathroom, it can add color and bring out a white bathtub.

Pop storage elements

Decotec Here is a bathroom which has managed to combine a very urban gray color with tart storage units without visible handles which gives a very designer style to the room. The little extra? The stool to put magazines or a stack of bath sheets.