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Beautiful book: Workbook of a landscape gardener

Beautiful book: Workbook of a landscape gardener

Like a diary, * Workbook of a landscape gardener *, takes us on a journey into the world of Hugues Peuvergne. This beautiful book offers a return in images of seventeen landscaping achievements, including a romantic garden, a sloping garden, a roof terrace, an oasis in height, a well hidden garden, the garden of jumping children with a paradise hut… In addition to discovering original landscaping projects, this book helps us understand the creative process of a landscaper: customer desires, Peuvergne ideas, sketching, works and the final result. Everything is punctuated by the anecdotes of Hugues Peuvergne, his reflections and his practical advice. In addition to finding new ideas, you can take advantage of landscaping techniques: which plant is suitable for your environment, how to enhance your terrace…

The passionate sloping garden

Hugues Peuvergne Hugues Peuvergne had a gardening enthusiast for this project. He was therefore able to use rather specific plants. This corner of greenery is very bucolic with perennial plants that require attention but offer an undeniable variety of colors. Clematis, fuschias and boxwood are doing wonderfully in this garden.

A perched oasis

Hugues Peuvergne On this Parisian terrace in the 14th arrondissement, the owners dreamed of an abundant garden. Fortunately, the southern exposure allows the creation of a beautiful green terrace. There are aster, a beautiful rose bush, a Japanese maple and other beauties of nature. Hugues Peuvergne's sketches highlight the developments he wishes to carry out and the solutions to the problems. Example, the vis-à-vis with the neighboring building will be hidden by a green roof.

A nest of greenery

Hugues Peuvergne Nestled in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, this apartment benefits from a sumptuous 70m² terrace. Hugues Peuvergne was therefore able to create different spaces. The plants are present on the edges but also in the center of the terrace. Cypress, valerian and sage create beautiful dense vegetation. The owners had room to install a large wooden table as well as garden chairs and a more colorful set of metal.