10 ideas to boost the decor of the show in 1 day

10 ideas to boost the decor of the show in 1 day

How long have you not taken charge of your living room decor? Mismatched cushions, shapeless sofa, filed carpet ... Your living room needs to be taken care of. Here are 10 tips to give it a serious facelift and in one great day, you have no excuse!

Dust your cushions

Bemz Store your velvet cushions! Prefer instead of cushions in soft pastel tones and in light materials such as cotton or linen.

Repaint your furniture

Fly Brighten up by painting your furniture. To do this, simply sand your surface and apply two coats of your favorite paint.

Mix the patterns

Bemz Forget the rules and mix the patterns together: stripes, polka dots, small patterns, fine flowers combine to give a bohemian style to your decor.

New look on the table

Bemz Decorate your dining table with a flowery tablecloth. A real splash that will create another style more in tune with the season.

Get some fresh air

Ikea Green plants take their revenge! Long criticized, they are again used in our interiors to purify the air.

To you the peas!

Ikea Round and colorful peas add dynamism to a somewhat drab decor. To use without moderation…

Shake your carpets

Bemz Oust the winter rugs! Make way for the colorful and lighter rugs for this summer! In cotton, plastic or natural fibers, they awaken monotonous floors.

Display your hangings

Ikea Display the fabrics brought back from your travels. Colorful and stylish, they wake up your wall for a personalized decor.

Cover your canapes

Bemz You can't change a sofa like you change cushions. So to give them a little facelift, cover them with a fabric with the patterns of the season!