The most beautiful patios spotted on Pinterest

The most beautiful patios spotted on Pinterest

You dream of a warm and friendly patio where to spend pleasant moments with family or friends but you do not know how to arrange it? To make your task easier, the editorial staff offers you a few ideas for making this space a comfortable, warm and well-thought-out place. Discovery in pictures!

An authentic patio

Porch Exotic wood and stone share the spotlight to give the patio an inimitable style, full of character. A winning duo that we like to adopt outside of our house. Source: Porch

An ethnic patio

Vincent Leroux Warm and mixed at the same time, ethnic decoration is second to none to brighten up and personalize a space. In your patio, handcrafted objects, associated with designer furniture and ethnic prints will allow you, for example, to create an eclectic, lively and exotic outdoor space where it will be good to bask. Source: Decorative turbulence

A natural patio

Coffeeklatch Grouped in a corner of the patio - on a shelf or on a table - plants are now a decorative accessory, a decorative asset that we put in the spotlight. Source: Naughty Studio

A Mediterranean-inspired patio

Castles in the sand What could be more Mediterranean than immaculate walls? Embellished with playful and vitaminized furniture and plants scattered here and there in terracotta flower pots, the patio transforms into a fresh, friendly and cozy space. Where how to shape a Mediterranean universe in two or three brushstrokes. Source: Castles in the sand

A green patio

D jak design Very fashionable nowadays, the green wall invites itself on our patio. A solution that is as practical as it is aesthetic, which in particular makes it possible to hide, in all subtlety, a section of a worn wall. Source: Blueberry Home

A black and white patio

The Collectionnist Who says contemporary patio says palette of sober colors and furniture with graphic lines. Here, the combination of the wooden floor and the black and white garden furniture with resolutely modern curves produces its little effect! Source:

A retro patio

Hervé Goluza To give clarity, character and grandeur to your retro-style interior patio, the installation of a canopy can be considered. Which will also establish an interesting link between your outdoor courtyard and this room. Source: Rose Cadillac

A bohemian patio

Monica Wang Nothing like multiplied carpets on the floor, mismatched cushions and pretty flowers to bring a bohemian touch to your patio. The icing on the cake, the outdoor rugs will allow you to camouflage a floor you no longer like. Another good reason to succumb therefore! Source: Style by emily henderson

An improvised patio

Marie & les agapanthes Beautiful demonstration of inventiveness and creativity for this improvised patio with a total recup look 'imagined using two bleached wooden pallets, a wrought iron bench, a wooden bedside table and of some plants. Right on trend! Source: Marie & les agapanthes

A country patio

Sara Diago Que would be a country patio without a decoration made of wood. We want it everywhere: from the floor to the privacy screen, including the coffee table and decorative accessories. It is a must that one likes to adopt. Source: Sara Diago

A patio with Moroccan influence

Annamalin Photography A Moroccan pouffe, a nickel silver lantern coupled with a comfortable bench will help create an oriental decor in your patio. For a joyful and variegated atmosphere, do not hesitate to use and abuse it. Source: Deco feelings

A predominantly blue patio

Robert Whitworth Creative To create an intimate and reassuring atmosphere in your patio, bet on low furniture. In terms of colors, play on a shade of blue and white and warm the atmosphere with natural materials. See rather! Source: Hewn

A romantic patio

Charming barn How chic is it for a patio? Arrange it as an interior room. Add a wrought iron bench, plush cushions, vanishing curtains and even lamps. The idea: play the card thoroughly to create a space conducive to relaxation. Source: Charming barn

A Provencal patio

A heart in Provence Fancy a patio that evokes the sweetness of Provencal life? You just have to bet on raw and natural materials: stone walls with inimitable charm, Mediterranean colors like olive green or white… and voila! Source: A heart in Provence

A kiosk version patio

Karin Studio How to transform an impersonal and too sunny terrace into a cozy shaded patio? The solution: bet on a minimalist pergola for a soothing atmosphere, ideal for idleness. The good idea: opt for a model with adjustable blades which allows you to protect yourself from both the sun and the rain. Source: Pretty place

A kinfolk style patio

Daniella Witte Fancy a restful and reassuring space far from everyday stress? Bet on a decor without artifice which borrows simplicity, the palette of neutral colors and the raw materials of the Scandinavian style, the patinated tables and the mottled furniture of the vintage decoration. Sprinkle your space with plants in the bohemian style and you will get a kinfolk-inspired patio, natural and full of conviviality! Source: Tumbex

A vitamin patio

Couture & turbulence Sometimes it only takes a few things to give character to your terrace. Here, the punchy garden table and chairs are the only elements of decoration and they are self-sufficient. Source: Couture & turbulence

A contemporary patio

Alex Amend photography Wood can easily be integrated into a contemporary decoration. We then opt for furniture with clean lines, chosen in a golden brown essence that we combine with trendy colors like gray. Source: DGAC Design

A covered patio

Tuin To make the most of your patio, even on rainy days, opt for an aluminum roof. Practical and modern, it has it all! Source: Tuin