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Toulemonde Bochart rugs reinvent our floors

Toulemonde Bochart rugs reinvent our floors

A benchmark in terms of contemporary rugs, Toulemonde Bochart does not fail to reinvent itself with each collection in order to offer a range of rugs suitable for all interior styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. For this season, the collection brings together designer carpets and original models to discover in pictures.

The Chevrons rug by François Champsaur

Toulemonde Bochart This contemporary and refined rug is inspired by graffiti and offers a subtle gradient of gray and black where optical lines fragment the whole to settle in highly designer interiors.

The Algorythme carpet by Frédéric Ruyant

Toulemonde Bochart The designer decided to braid the pixels on his screen to create an "urban chic offbeat" effect. It offers a mixed atmosphere that is easily installed in modern interiors.

The Dong rug by Reda Amalou

Toulemonde Bochart For a holiday atmosphere in your interior, you will bet on this traditionally woven carpet which easily finds its place in a contemporary interior thanks to its creative motif, the delicacy of linen and its ideal natural colors.

The Hiverno rug by Emmanuel Galina and Clara Giardina

Toulemonde Bochart For a designer interior, the designers of this rug have bet on a serene inspiration with a rug with sober and elegant lines that is accompanied by plant motifs that are both chic and zen.

The Irish carpet

Toulemonde Bochart This original and warm rug is inspired by Irish knitwear and uses weaving from raw wool. The result is very natural and offers a style that is particularly suited to cocooning desires.

Astrakhan carpet

Toulemonde Bochart To warm up the atmosphere, this carpet uses Argentinian wool spun by hand, the slightly curly surface of which offers a particularly warm touch and fur appearance.

Claustra carpet

Toulemonde Bochart When the carpet takes on relief, it is inspired by the gouge work of the cabinetmaker and proudly displays hollows and reliefs with irregular rhythms which give all its character to the carpet and the room.

Atlas carpet

Toulemonde Bochart Hand knotted and 100% wool, this rug reflects the know-how of the house with a model that is both warm and contemporary and can be used in most of the interior. Its refined pattern will not fail to energize the room it dresses.

Desert carpet

Toulemonde Bochart For a very natural touch in the home, Toulemonde Bochart relies on colors like ash or ecru in a hand woven and 100% wool finish which offers a very aesthetic textured finish.