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10 ideas for a chic table decor

10 ideas for a chic table decor

To bring chic and elegance to your table decorations, sometimes it only takes a little! And to help you sublimate your table in the blink of an eye, we have selected 10 ideas to reuse at home for any occasion!

Candles for the atmosphere

EGO-VETRI DELLE VENEZIE And for your transparent dishes to shine with a thousand reflections, nothing will be worth a few candles placed on the table whose oscillating flame will light up each plate. You then offer a very warm atmosphere at your table.

Staged dishes

EGO-VETRI DELLE VENEZIE For the service, you will need dishes worthy of the name. You can bet on standing serving dishes, tiered servants or trays under bells. Rather than opting for a simple cheese board, take the height!

Beautiful glasses

LSA International To enhance your table, you can count on glassware! Choose beautiful glasses for each drink by focusing on height but also reflections that will stage your table.

A decorative vase

LSA International To bring a chic and natural touch to your table, you can use a bouquet of flowers in the center of the table by betting on a beautiful vase. However, be careful that the set is not too high so as not to disturb the guests.

Decorative bottles

The design lab On the chic table, there's no question of placing a plastic water bottle in the center of the table! Rather, we bet on a beautiful glass model or a precious model like these bottles dressed with a mesh rib.

Small details that make the difference

Reine Mère On your table, do not hesitate to multiply the little details that will give all the charm of the decoration. We think for example of these knife holders which can accommodate a few flowers for a romantic touch.

Original cutlery

Saber For dessert or coffee, we do not hesitate to create surprise by opting for original spoons with a small pattern on the tail. You can also opt for colors like ivory or red depending on the colors of the table.

A beautiful tablecloth

La Redoute Of course to give style to your table, you can bet on a beautiful tablecloth! Choose a sober color and if you opt for patterns, prefer tone on tone. In terms of materials, bet on shine!

One color in total look

Paragraph Finally, if you want to be sure you are not mistaken, you can opt for a color code in total look. Know that white always works for a chic, elegant and timeless style!