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The library becomes queen of the living room!

The library becomes queen of the living room!

Practical, functional and decorative, the library has everything to seduce us. In raw wood for a traditional style, in metal for a more industrial or unstructured look to energize the room, they reinvent themselves to adapt to all types of interiors. In the living room, she knows how to impose herself with class and we appreciate her for storing our books and dragging some decorative items. It's your turn to choose the one you want to adopt!

A storage wall

Leroy Merlin If your living room has a beautiful wall surface, you can opt for cupboards that are installed from floor to ceiling. Some closed lockers will welcome papers and other items that are not very decorative, while open lockers will highlight your works.

A library in a recess

Alinéa Do not hesitate to take advantage of the layout of your living room to install your library. Here, the wall has a slight recess which accommodates the library, giving the impression that it fits into the wall for a very decorative effect!

A library as a partition

Purpose When your living room is open to the dining room, why not use a bookcase as a partition to separate the spaces. You will take care not to overfill it in order to let the gaze and light pass.

Wall shelves

Leroy Merlin To store your books, you can also opt for invisible fixing shelves. The decorating tip is to choose them in the same color as your wall so that they disappear from view so that only the works appear.

A library around the window

Ikéa You don't have enough wall space to install a large library? Bet on small modules that you can install anywhere like around a window. Smart!

A library on the stairs

Ikea Your living room has a staircase? Do not hesitate to continue the wall bookcase in this space by opting for shelves of different sizes that adapt to the steps.

Library scales

Fly For an original decorative effect, bet on narrow shelves that take up the look of a ladder. Do not hesitate to multiply these modules to create a decorative accumulation. Then you just have to put a few books on the shelves.

A TV cabinet library

Fly To install your books, also know that there are TV cabinets that have real storage areas. Do not hesitate to invest the lockers with your most beautiful books to create a decor around the TV.

A scale library

Ikea If your living room has high ceilings, take the opportunity to install a very high bookcase. You will then install a ladder to access your books in height and create a very decorative style.

A decomposed library

AM PM We love the airy side of this white metal bookcase that blends beautifully in a living room with a clean look. To make it an original and light piece, you can choose to place only decorative objects in it.

A library - TV stand

Hulsta Retro atmosphere in this living room where the furniture seems straight out of the 50s. And on the library side, it is at the TV stand that everything is played out!

Like a photo frame

Ego Original this wall bookcase that looks like a large photo frame. In its small alcoves, you can slide a few books as well as decorative objects.

A traditional library

Maisons du Monde In a family home-style living room, we opt for a beautiful and large traditional brown wooden library. The little extra of it? A scale as practical as decorative!

A black and white library

La Redoute Coup de Coeur for these black and white elements which, once placed next to each other, form a unique library. The decorative idea to remember: install them each on one side of the window to save space in the living room.

A metal bookcase

AM PM Lovers of the industrial style, you will fall in love with this black metal bookcase. Installed in a cozy and refined living room, it has a small effect.

A library without losing space

Ikéa Pratique this library made up of a solid foot element and another mural, so as not to encroach too much on the living room space. To create a reading corner, you can even slide a comfortable chair under the shelf attached to the wall.

A spirit library

Maisons du Monde The industrial style gives free rein to all desires when it comes to metal furniture. To create an original atmosphere, we therefore opt for a bookcase with a cabin style. We love !

A Scandinavian-style library

Maisons du Monde Light wood and clean lines; this library has all the ingredients of the Scandinavian style that we love so much. To make it a decorative piece in its own right, you put your books there but not only. Vases and colored boxes can also create the decor.

Shelves to cover the wall

Ikea Another tip, less expensive than investing in a library: wall shelves that cover the entire chosen wall. And so that they blend perfectly into the decor, we opt for a model of the same color as the wall.