The couple's room: instructions

The couple's room: instructions

The decoration of the room must take into account all the occupants. Also to arrange the room for a couple, it will be necessary to take into account the desires and needs of each. To help you, here are some inspirations so that the room is for him as well as for him.

A dressing space for two

Ikea If your dressing room is integrated into your bedroom, make sure to double the space in order to provide a side of the dressing room for everyone. The idea is to place it behind the bed by opting for a curtain that will act as a partition. We then allocate the dressing space according to the side of the bed that we occupy.

A lounge for two

Ikea In your master bedroom, the small TV lounge must be able to accommodate both gentleman and madam. We also make sure to install two large comfortable armchairs so that everyone can take a seat in the relaxation area.

A symmetrical room

Conforama So that the bedroom is perfectly designed for two people, we opt for a certain symmetry. Each side will have its bedside table and its lamp but also a lowering of bed. We even think of doubling the mirrors on the wall.

A practical room

Conforama When there are two of you in the same room, you must above all ensure that the layout of the space does not disturb the circulation of each. Also, do not hesitate to place the bed in the center of the room for more convenience when traveling.

One bedroom, two wardrobes

Ikea For clothes storage, you can also opt for two different wardrobes so that everyone stores their clothes according to their desires. Place the cabinets on either side of the bed according to the space occupied in the bed. The cupboards will surround the bed to create a cocoon that we will gladly share with two.

A room that mixes tastes

Ikea Just because you share the same room doesn't mean that everyone's personality should not be expressed in this space. Also, you can separate the room in half and opt for separate elements on either side of the bed. Choose different pillows and bedside tables to suit everyone's taste.

A neutral room

Purpose Conversely, if you want to match your tastes, play the sobriety card so that the room will please both. You can use natural colors and offer a certain harmony to the space with combined furniture.

Unanimously colored room

Purpose For the decoration of the room, you can also bet on a strong color that will give the identity of the room. Then choose the color together and calm the game with furniture with more sober colors.

A white room with touches of color

La Redoute Finally, for a room that looks like you, start with a fairly white decor and each add touches of color that you like. Monsieur chooses a fluorescent rug on his side and Madame installs a pink stool of hers so that everyone is happy.