The most beautiful garden paths spotted on Pinterest

The most beautiful garden paths spotted on Pinterest

Whether you want to structure your outdoor space, secure it or give it a special atmosphere, creating a route through a landscaped garden is always a good idea. In gravel, wood, pebbles or pavers, fill up on ideas with our twenty stylish and ingenious coating solutions.

A border of flowers

Estima organization Colorful, perfumed, coordinated or disorderly, border plants will delight the paths of your English garden. So ready to succumb to their intoxicating smells? Source: Estima organization


Architecture photographer Gray gravel and large slabs, this is what you will need if you decide to recreate this contemporary and mineral aisle at home. Simply breathtaking! Source: Daevita

Japanese wooden steps

Gardens of Babylon Better than the traditional Japanese stone steps, which were once intended to symbolize a path strewn with pitfalls, here are the Japanese wooden steps. Enough to create a dreamlike garden at a lower cost and to avoid the chore of weeding. Source: Gardens of Babylon


Kanda Surrounded by small pebbles, these large format pavers create a spectacular alley and have the major advantage of allowing differentiation of spaces. Source: Deavita

Tropical touch

Patio Design Ideas A passage in exotic wood is a very suitable choice when you want to create a small tropical paradise in your garden. The idea: play with the color and shapes of your plants for a striking effect. Source: Daevita

Variable geometry

The villa collection An exquisite garden, isn't it? By varying the shape and size of the pavers and installing them at equal distances, you will be able to create a dynamic and original driveway. So tempted? Source: Samui villas and homes

Top of the line

Marazzi If you want to give birth to an outdoor space of great aesthetic value, but you do not want to give up technical services, we have found for you this porcelain stoneware tile 20 mm thick, unalterable, easy to lay and to clean. The dream ! Source: Marazzi

Wooden logs

The jardinoscope Cut out a few logs, then install them along your border and you will get a charming alley that pays homage to Mother Nature's resources. Easy and quick to do, we love it! Source: The jardinoscope

In the middle of nature

The Royal Kerbonian - Exteriorscapes Give lush forest air to your forest garden by placing stone slabs on your floor. A simple and effective solution that immediately has its small effect. Source: Daevita

Tiered version

Samstroy This is a great option for sloping gardens. The steps will allow you to conveniently connect multiple spaces dedicated to various activities, such as a relaxation area or a gardening area for example. Source: Stylish Eve

Step by step

Lear & Mahoney Landscape Associates - Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction With their irregular shapes, these pavers trace the path of a garden of character. Result: a rather fanciful space where life is good. Source: Daevita

A mineral path

Momosfotos Surrounded by lush vegetation, this natural stone paving is integrated in total harmony with its environment and that's what we like! Source: Momosfotos

Washers of tree trunks

Omsk300 A heap of rings of tree trunks has been scattered in this space to constitute an original and fun path! See the result instead! Source: Designmag


Bananocrates Certainly, this is not a real garden path, but we like the idea of ​​these wooden planks assembled and superimposed on each other creating an original and dynamic composition in space. Source: Flickr

Graphical path version

SAS ITALIA - Aldo Larcher More airy but just as nice, we like the idea of ​​these pieces of wood placed on the ground, which form a dedicated, original and graphic cross path. Source: Daevita

Beautiful curves

Claire Stéphane Installing a gravel garden path is an economical and easy to implement solution. Bonus, this mobile coating allows original lines and is available in multiple colors. Enough to let your creativity run free. Source: Denis Matériaux

Multiplying light sources

Advanaes - Etincelle blog For a festive atmosphere do not hesitate to divert objects such as light garlands or to place spotlights in your aisle for a trendy, graphic style and a choice of lighting. Guaranteed result! Source: Designrulz- Etincelle blog

A pedestrian walkway

Wikimedia Respecting the style and the harmony of the composition, this long pedestrian alley is essential as the main element which structures this vast green space. An idea to remember! Source: Nafeusemagazine