10 ideas for storing books around the house

10 ideas for storing books around the house

In the house, finding storage space for books is not always easy. So to reconcile storage and decoration, we suggest you discover 10 ideas for storing your books in the house.

Books above the sofa

To dress the wall above the sofa, know that it's not just paintings! Indeed, you can choose to install three or four shelves fixed in the wall to have some books and decorative items.

Books around the fireplace

In this warm living room, we used the recesses created by the fireplace to install shelves that take up the entire wall. We then installed books but also decorative items to decorate the walls in an original way.

Books on the stairs

Here, we took advantage of the wall space lost behind the stairs to install a bookcase wall but be aware that it is possible on all the stairs provided that these are not too narrow in order to accommodate the storage furniture.

Books all over the wall

In this living room, it is the books that create the decoration of the walls. Indeed, two libraries are installed on the entire wall surface to accommodate a multitude of books. Library lockers also create a very graphic style in the living room.

Books on the decorative buffet

If you have a buffet-style piece of furniture with shelves, you can of course store a few books in it, focusing first on the decor.

Books in the TV cabinet

Know that the TV cabinet is an ideal ally to store your books. Whether open or closed, you can store your best books under the TV. Think about it by choosing a suitable piece of furniture upon purchase.

Books in an office

If you are lucky enough to be able to dedicate a room to your office, do not hesitate to install a library as well. Place furniture on the entire wall surface so that your office also looks like a bookcase.

Books in the living room

Finally, also know that a library finds its place in the living room. Then install a piece of furniture over the entire wall surface and place armchairs and sofas nearby. For the decorative effect in the living room, sort your books by color. More ideas for storing books here!