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10 interiors of sailboats that make you want to go around the world

10 interiors of sailboats that make you want to go around the world

Combination of marine decorations, natural or contemporary, clever storage, well thought-out and quality interior fittings, the sailboats invite you to get away from it all and relax. Attracted by the sea and distant lands and looking for a little exoticism, discover without further delay our 10 inspirations to properly arrange your sailboat.

A seaside color code

Alerion Yachts To create a soothing atmosphere on your sailboat, it is possible to opt for a marine decor. You will therefore favor varnished wood that you will associate with navy blue and white for a very Atlantic atmosphere. Source: New Angland Boating

Contemporary design spirit

Antares Yachts To give your sailboat a cocooning and contemporary atmosphere, prefer wood in warm colors that you will combine with touches of white. And, refine everything by selecting furniture with rounded and fluid shapes. Source: Antares Yachts

A decoration in pastel colors

Very Well Salted Timeless, pastel colors are making a comeback in our interiors, so we do not hesitate to adopt them to bring a little sweetness to your floating home. Powder pink, sky blue or peach ... they will subtly dress your sailboat. Source: Very Wel Salted

A refined decoration.

Leopard Catamarans Ecological consideration or love of nature, wood has a special place at the edge of sailboats. For a Zen atmosphere in the bedroom, we will bet on pure lines that return to basics and a species of light wood. Source: Leopard Catamarans

An immaculate bathroom

Leopard Catamarans Chic and soothing, white lends itself perfectly to the skimpy bathrooms of sailboats. From floor to ceiling, he will dress the room in a refined style to create a Zen and modern atmosphere. An idea to remember to amplify the brightness of the room and create a feeling of space. Source: Leopard Catamarans


Beach House Company For a marine and refreshing universe, you will choose materials, colors and patterns that will transport you to the seaside. As here, you can thematize your bedroom using a bayadère set sky blue. Source: Skiglari Norppa

A functional interior designed for life on board

Windtraveler Depending on the size of your sailboat, think smart and favor storage suited to the size of it. To do this, you will make the most of the lost space. Source: Windtraveler

Multiple storage spaces

Very Wel Salted Likewise, for a simple and secure use in navigation you will increase the storage. In the kitchen, think for example of refrigerator drawers that allow you to benefit from both a large volume and a compartmentalisation facilitating the storage and the conservation of cold. Source: Very Wel Salted

Optimized and well thought out spaces

CharterWorld Often reduced, the layout of the spaces of a sailboat must be thought with intelligence. Here, the kitchen furniture has been placed in a square shape to optimize the space and allow easier circulation to the different worktops. Source: CharterWorld