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A family house style decor in the bathroom

A family house style decor in the bathroom

The family-style bathroom is a peaceful place to relax! With a touch of old world charm, it recalls the holidays in the family home. Here are some inspirations to create a family home style decor in your bathroom.

A touch of yesteryear

Lapeyre ### The secret of a family home bathroom? You need a lion-footed bathtub for the classic side, a retro sink and patterned tiling. The retro bathroom is making a comeback to make way for childhood memories.

Flea market

Leroy Merlin ### If you want to bring a touch of modernity to the family bathroom, opt for a waxed concrete effect. Bet on a refined piece and play the vintage card: a wooden chair and a sink that looks more like a washhouse. Opt for large storage spaces for the whole family.

A bathroom for everyone

Leroy Merlin ### Attended by all the members of the family, the bathroom tells a story! Do not hesitate to personalize it with small decorative objects belonging to each. Also be aware that if you frame your photos correctly, they will not fear water.

A great century spirit

Porcelanosa ### For a very family spirit, choose large sinks that will give a sculptural effect to the bathroom. Choose at least two sinks so that more than one person can use the bathroom. And to put the beauty products, prefer a beautiful wooden console.