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Foldable furniture for the garden!

Foldable furniture for the garden!

Because you don't always have the space to store garden furniture during the winter or you need furniture that adapts to your needs, foldable models are a real solution. There are tables, chairs and even deckchairs to fold and unfold as desired. To discover in pictures.

A small table on the terrace

La Redoute Your terrace is not large but you sometimes like to sit there for lunch? Opt for a folding metal table so you can clear and leave the space free when you don't need it.

A foldable garden set

La Redoute This beautiful wooden garden table and its elegant chairs are all foldable: they will stay in a sheltered place during the winter and will have an impeccable appearance when the weather returns.

Folding furniture for tailor-made

La Redoute Have you planned to be two for dinner but your friends are coming? Fortunately, you have folding chairs stored in the garden shed that you can install around the table in a jiffy! It only remains to pull the extension.

An armchair feet in the water

La Redoute Do you have the soul of a traveler and love to settle in the heart of nature to enjoy the panoramas and the calm of your vacation? You need a foldable chair to slide into your car. You can then install it everywhere: even your feet in the water if you like.

A side table as a side table

La Redoute Sometimes, you lack space on the garden table to arrange your dishes, fruit and other bottles of water. Then think of the folding trolley that will stand by your side in the blink of an eye. You can also install it next to the barbecue for outdoor cooking.

A small folding armchair for relaxation

La Redoute Fancy a nap by the pool and then continue in the shade of the trees when you get too hot? Choose a small folding chair that will be easy to move. With this model, you can sunbathe anywhere!

Chilean for sunny days

Alinéa On certain sunny days, do you want to transform your terrace into a real beach? Opt for deckchairs, these comfortable deckchairs for a moment of idleness and fold them up when it's time to resume your activity.

Sunbathing for the summer

Maisons du Monde Sunbathing can only be used when the weather is really good, that is to say that you will not need it all year round! Then choose folding models that you can easily store in a garden shed or in the garage to protect them from bad weather.

Bistro-style tables and chairs

Maisons du Monde To transform your garden or terrace into a pleasant place to have a drink, set up colorful folding tables and chairs that you could find in a café and sit down with your friends. The atmosphere is already there!