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10 examples of barbecue to make

10 examples of barbecue to make

At a time when grilling is more successful than ever, the choice of barbecue is one of the main concerns. What if, this year, you make it yourself? In concrete, in a can, with pallet boards, discover 10 barbecue tutorials for outdoor meals that change from everyday life.

A Darth Vader barbecue

Instructables If you are a good handyman and especially if you are a fan of the Star Wars saga, make your barbecue in an old gas cylinder. To make this model at home, follow the creator's steps on Instructables. Source: Instructables

A barbecue with a can

Dump a Day If you can't afford to invest in a barbecue, but are dying to enjoy grilled sausages over a wood fire, you have the option of a can. In two steps, three movements, it's ready! Source: Dump a Day

A hard barbecue

Instructables Do you dream of a hard barbecue? We fell in love with it, made of concrete blocks and facing bricks for decoration. If you want to get started, follow the steps illustrated by Solelord. Source: Instructables

In an old can

Instructables Once cut, placed on a metal base and accompanied by a grid, this old can becomes an ideal barbecue for grilling for a large family. We keep the idea for small budgets! Source: Instructables

A wooden display

DIY Pallet Furniture So that your barbecue no longer hangs on concrete blocks, build a practical display for it. With a few pallet boards, the result is great, and in addition, it costs you almost nothing. Source: DIY Pallet Furniture

An original barbecue

Instructables Realized with concrete rings, this barbecue at ground level can easily be made at home. Source: Instructables

A can cut in half

Pinterest If you cut it in half and add hinges, the can becomes a mini-price barbecue that is easy to use every day. Source: Pinterest

A barbecue to meet

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom By installing a few tree trunks, this barbecue at ground level turns into a friendly and warm space for family reunion and toasting some marshmallows. Source: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Funny barbecue

This Old House Between campfire and smokehouse, this barbecue is likely to seduce more than one! Source: This Old House