When Ikea installs street art in our interiors

When Ikea installs street art in our interiors

Always with this desire to offer a democratic design (beautiful and functional), Ikea invited 12 street artists from around the world to share their inspirations through a unique collection. Let's not forget that street art is an ephemeral art that can disappear overnight. This is also the case for the collection offered at Ikea since each poster is only available in a limited edition. Go for it!

The poster of Koralie and Supakitch

Ikea The works of the two French street artists aim to give positive vibes to the people who watch them. Successful bet ! 9.99 euros

Erosie's poster

Ikea "The horror of the void". Dutch artist Jeroen Erosie always begins his work at one of the corners and continues until the white walls are completely covered and submerged in images. A way according to him to react to the permanent debauchery of images that we suffer daily on the internet and in advertisements. 9.99 euros

John Crash Matos' poster

Ikea Giving graffiti a lyrical side, that's what the artist born in the Bronx John Crash Matos has been striving for almost 20 years. Nice, right? 9.99 euros

The M-city poster

Ikea Mariusz Waras alias M-city wants to prove to people that urban art is far from the work of vandals but rather develops culture. Music, design, architecture are some of his main inspirations. 9.99 euros

Eko Nugroho's poster

Ikea Invitation to tolerance. This is the message that Eko Nugroho wishes to convey through his poster. 9.99 euros

Hua Tunan's poster

Ikea This free, colorful and courageous eagle was made improvised with ink and a few brushstrokes. The slightest correction is impossible. 9.99 euros

Carolina Falkholt's poster

Ikea All of Carolina Falkholt's work revolves around feminism. His poster for Ikea represents only part of a work already done on a house in Avesta in Sweden. The result is rather surprising. 9.99 euros

Nevercrew's poster

Ikea The work "bottle in the sea" is part of an approach launched by the two artists of Nevercrew for several years: living structures. The spectator is invited to participate in the mechanism… it's your turn! 9.99 euros

Elle's poster

Ikea The American artist "Elle" likes to paint women like warriors and guardians surrounded by spirits and animals. The result is psychedelic posters that will energize your interior. 9.99 euros