KitchenAid presents its new "small household appliances"

KitchenAid presents its new "small household appliances"

The famous brand of household appliances, never stops innovating and puts technology and design at the service of lovers of gastronomy. From the oven, to the hobs, through the coffee makers, the dishwashers, and the refrigerators, KitchenAid accompanies you in each of the stages of the culinary realization. Today's editorial team presents the brand new small household appliances.

The heating bowl

KitchenAid Ideal for melting chocolate for the greediest or for boiling water for the most detox, this heating bowl is ultra efficient! Associated with the robot or alone, you can control its temperature precisely thanks to its thermostat, depending on the type of preparation desired. The bowl is made of polycarbonate which allows it to stay cold on contact. Price: 349 €

The centrifuge that makes you want

KitchenAid Summer is fast approaching, so don't hesitate to get this centrifuge! You can enjoy healthy drinks and stock up on vitamins. At breakfast, to taste it for children, or for summer lunches, it will allow you to make sweet and savory juices and therefore respect the 5 fruits and vegetables per day. There are 4 colors to satisfy your desires! 379 euros

The juice extractor

KitchenAid To taste your best drinks, opt for this juice extractor! He performs his work in two phases to obtain the best result. No more cutting the fruit, he does it himself. Thanks to its cutting blade and extra-large neck, you can insert whole fruit or vegetables and a few minutes later, it's ready! A minimum of effort for a maximum of juice. 499 euros

The trendy coffee maker

KitchenAid To start a good day, nothing like good coffee! KitchenAid has developed a coffee brewer with an automated and programmable filter. Thanks to its advanced technology, it offers drinkers delicious coffee with the same qualities as naturally brewed coffee. It has a reservoir that will allow the water to quickly reach a high temperature. In a kitchen, a dining room or even a living room, it will find its place perfectly. It is also available in 4 colors. 229 euros

KitchenAid's Nespresso machine

KitchenAid When two big brands meet, this gives this pretty high-end coffee machine. It will delight fans of the American brand of household appliances as well as coffee fans since it combines design and excellence. Simple and easy to use, like the machines of the famous brand Nespresso, it will seduce you quickly. 349 euros