Protect yourself from the heat in the garden

Protect yourself from the heat in the garden

Everyone enjoys the garden. On the other hand, it is sometimes pleasant to be able to put yourself in the shade when the sun is beating too hard. For this, you can equip yourself with arbors, pergolas and other parasols to avoid the full sun. Here are some ideas to protect you from the heat in the garden.

A canvas like an awning

Sun and Vela Be aware that these canvases can take different forms to adapt to your space. You can thus define a space in the shade while adding a very decorative touch to your exterior. Here the white canvas of original shape brings a design touch.

A canvas to give style

Abrivoile In terms of color, the fabrics can really give style to your exterior with sunny hues like yellow for example. You can choose your canvas in a classic shape and hang it using metal stakes which will create a kind of pergola.

A pergola on the terrace

La Redoute The pergola will also be ideal for protecting a terrace from the sun and the facade of the house. Its iron structure is fixed on one side of the facade. The pergola can shelter the terrace and provide shade when the heat is too intense.

A freestanding pergola

La Redoute Note that there are also free-standing pergolas that you can place anywhere in your garden to benefit from a square of shade in the grass. The pergola will then give the impression of an open room in the garden.

A pergola on the terrace

Paragraph Please note that pergolas are also installed on a terrace: you can sit at the table even when the sun is strong. You will find different sizes that will adapt to your outdoor spaces.

A natural pergola

La Redoute The pergola also fits perfectly into nature because it can be covered with plants. Indeed, instead of opting for fabric, climb a rose bush on the roof of the structure to benefit from a shade in keeping with your garden.

An offset umbrella

Abrivoile To create shade in a nomadic way without being hampered by the traditional parasol base, prefer a model whose base has a right angle and therefore offsets the canvas which will be suspended above you. The foot will then be placed near the table and will not bother you.

A multitude of parasols

Paragraph If you want a lot of shade, you can choose the decor option and multiply umbrellas of different sizes and colors along your table. Festive atmosphere guaranteed!

A chic arbor

Paragraph To create a real room outside, you can also bet on arbors with iron structures covered with fabric to protect you from the sun. And even when the rays are no longer visible, the decorative effect is still at the top!