A country style decor in the kitchen

A country style decor in the kitchen

Whether in your second home or in your main home, the country style lends itself particularly to the kitchen, a convivial room par excellence. Here are some inspirations to recreate a country-style kitchen in your home.

Adapted office linen

Yves Delorme ### The country style is accompanied by many accessories that set the tone. Among the essentials, the office linen must match the rest of the kitchen. At Yves Delorme, you will find string-colored tea towels that pick up vegetables from the vegetable patch. Hand-embroidered tea towels. 19 euros.

An old sink

Herbeau Créations ### Herbeau Créations proposes to bring a touch of countryside to the kitchen thanks to the office stamp "Vienne". It is an aged copper tub, meshed by hand, to be embedded between furniture or worktops. Copper undeniably brings cachet to the kitchen and the rectangular shape recalls the washhouses for an undeniable charm.

Wood in the kitchen

Fly ### For a country style kitchen, we mainly rely on wood! We choose an essence that presents nuances without being too dark. On the detail side, the shell handles and the glass cupboard will set the tone.

A friendly counter

Maisons du Monde ### The essential piece of furniture in a country style kitchen is obviously the counter. It will serve as both a work plan and storage space while presenting user-friendly shapes. Know that you can hunt for this type of room by betting on old shops.

Clear colors

Maisons du Monde ### On the color side in the country style kitchen, choose light tones for the wood in order to evoke a patinated appearance and add red in the accessories to give a chic farm look. Finally, be aware that pantry-style mesh doors are a must!

Straw chairs

Purpose With their retro look, these white pieces of furniture are the ideal allies of a country style kitchen. The most to remember: wooden and straw chairs with a rustic look that complete the decor.

A beautiful stove

Maisons du Monde Indispensable accessory for a country style kitchen: a beautiful and large stove with an old look which gives all its charm and authenticity to the room.

Repainted furniture

Schmidt To give your old kitchen furniture a facelift, opt for a blue that sends some! Our tip to keep the countryside atmosphere: keep dark wood worktops.

A weathered appearance

Maisons du Monde Easy to give a country atmosphere to your kitchen with patinated furniture. The trick to reuse: only bet on shop windows as tall furniture to lighten the mood and give it a little more contemporary.

A retro hood

Purpose To complete the total country look of this kitchen, consider choosing a hood with a retro look. So, the decor is perfect!

A wooden block

Maisons du Monde Do you have a large kitchen? Adopt without delay this very beautiful wooden block ideal in a country style room. It will make your life easier to prepare all your meals. We love !

Storage for bottles

Leroy Merlin We love the charming furniture in this kitchen which has adopted an ultra contemporary anthracite gray color! The most practical: a multitude of storage for bottles which create a beautiful wine cellar in the room.

Rustic furniture

Schmidt No more rustic furniture with simple wood colors. Today, he has fun with more original colors like this green which brings a natural touch of the most relaxing.

Louvered doors

Maisons du Monde What originality are these raw wooden cupboard doors that look like little shutters! We also like the gray waxed concrete wall which brings the dose of modernity it lacked in the decor.