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10 green materials that have potential

10 green materials that have potential

Ecological and natural materials are more and more trendy and make our interiors actors respectful of the environment. To combine decoration and ecology at home, we set our sights on 10 materials that have a future. Adopt them!

A felt and kapok cushion

Muskhane The cushions to put on the sofa are also eco-friendly by combining natural and renewable materials such as felt and kapok. In addition, they have everything for them with their flashy colors that bring good humor.

Cardboard stools

Remember Who said that green decor is not trendy? These cardboard stools, which can also be transformed into a bedside table in a teenager's bedroom, display graphic and urban patterns that are totally in tune with the times.

A boiled wool rug

Chromatics Boiled wool, not to be confused with felted wool, also invests our interiors in the form of cushions or rugs with a very contemporary spirit.

Bamboo dresser

Sengtaï Alternative to traditional wood species, bamboo, which is a grass and not a tree, is the ecological coating par excellence. Very design, it is used both in flooring and furniture like this chest of drawers.

A willow lamp

Pascal Kermarrec On the lighting side, designers have also looked into the issue of green materials. Pascal Kermarrec created this very Zen pendant lamp with several tens of meters of willow.

Seagrass floor

Saint Maclou Seagrass, a very resistant aquatic plant, has become established in our interiors for some time. It is particularly appreciated as a floor covering in a living room or in a room with a natural and Zen atmosphere.

A honeycomb cardboard shelf

A4A Design Modular, light and above all ecological, the honeycomb cardboard shelf has it all. Very solid, we can even install it as a library to store all our books.

A clay painting

Nature and Harmony Clay is one of the healthiest materials since it is antistatic, odorless and does not cause any risk of allergy. We adopt it with us in painting to give an aged appearance that does not lack charm in a bedroom or in a bathroom.

Cork covering

Saint Maclou For all ecological lovers, cork parquet is the ideal floor covering. 100% natural and harvested without damaging or cutting a single tree, it is also very decorative in an urban style living room or a nature style bedroom.