10 dazzling bathrooms with glass roof

10 dazzling bathrooms with glass roof

Did you think that the glass roof was a charming asset reserved for the kitchen? No! It is also found in the bathrooms, for an ultra-stylish decorative touch. Sliding, retro, in raw or painted metal, interior or exterior… gives you 10 decor ideas to help you find the bathroom with glass roof of your dreams. Something to make you (even more) want to bask in the shower!

The bathroom with sliding glass roof

Leroy Merlin Who says canopy does not necessarily mean industrial loft, on the contrary. The glass roof has become a particularly useful decorative tip for structuring a small space such as a studio or a parental bedroom. Diverted into a sliding door, it offers the possibility of separating the bathroom from the bedroom, while retaining daylight. A real space-saving tip!

The bathroom with glass partition

Lapeyre If the canopy is perfectly suited to small spaces, it is also suitable for large open rooms. This is THE good decor idea for structuring a huge room under a slope for example. Planted in the middle of the room, the glass roof becomes a design element that gives its place to the bathroom. Exit the banal and blackout partition, hello the refined and luminous partition!

The bathroom with graphic glass roof

Divinox The canopy is the right tip for separating a bedroom from a bathroom. Some will prefer it white with large windows for more discretion, others will rather opt for a graphic bias with a black frame and small tiles. What give character to your bathroom with glass roof, while creating a real extra room in the house!

The bathroom with panoramic glass roof

Duravit If you are lucky enough to have a green garden, treat yourself to the luxury of enjoying this soothing view from your bathtub. Nothing like a panoramic glass roof instead of a classic picture window to transform your bathroom into a designer spa inspired by plants. The glass roof fades to give way to the landscape ... Take care of the daily well-being ritual!

The bathroom with workshop glass roof

Castorama Who would have thought that the canopy would be so successful today when before, it was found mainly in the workshops? It is precisely for its obvious link with this decorative style that the glass roof is becoming more and more attractive. It must be said that with its raw metal frame and large vertical windows, it immediately gives an industrial touch to the bathroom, for a result that is both graphic and minimalist.

The glass window of the bathroom

Castorama How lucky to have a bathroom with window! If in addition you have no vis-à-vis, let yourself be tempted by the decor option. Turn your simple window into an elegant canopy. A decorative choice that will give your bathroom a unique look, while opening your eyes to the outside. What offer you a different show every day when you bask in your bath!

The glass shower

Castorama Are you dreaming of a walk-in shower but you need to create walls to avoid transforming your bathroom into a swimming pool? Opt for a glass shower! In place of the usual (and not very elegant) white shower screens, a black structure inspired by workshop canopies will bring a real decorative touch to your bathroom. An idea that should inspire your friends!

The bathroom with retro glass roof

Novoceram If you are not a fan of the industrial style, rest assured, you can still imagine your bathroom with glass roof! You just need to favor a wooden frame to that of metal, and bring a retro touch with old-style glazing. And if you find that black is still too reminiscent of the workshop style, then opt for a gray or a light patina that will bring softness to the shower area.

The bathroom with glass door

Leroy Merlin Are you looking to insulate the bathroom adjacent to your bedroom, avoiding partitioning the space or losing brightness? The canopy is what you need! In the door version, you will keep the charm of its vertical lines, without making it the central element of your decoration. Enough to invent your subtle version of the bathroom with glass roof!