10 DIY ideas in trapilho

10 DIY ideas in trapilho

The trapilho? But what is it ? These are yarns made from cotton jersey fabric and perfect for carrying out crowds of creative ideas! We have prepared a top 10 of our DIY trapilho desires found on Pinterest…

Trapilho rug

Cherry Plum Pretty like all this little round carpet full of colors! It would showcase any white chair. That's good, here is a tutorial that tells us how to make it at home with trapilho. Source

Trapilho potholder

Yumicha OK, this one may be our favorite: the trapilho trivet! Knitting needles, a simple garter stitch, a few minutes and we have a nice playful and colorful object. Source

Trapilho basket

Mom sees life in organic For this small storage pocket, we will have to take out the hook! But promised, it's easy. And the result is great, right? Source

Trapilho sweater

Yumicha Want to make your little sad sweater a little more crazy? The answer is in the trapilho! And in this tutorial which explains in a fun and colorful way how to make a nice trapilho collar. Source

Trapilho headband

Magic chick And why not a trapilho headband? 3 minutes flat to do this one and he has a dog, right? Source

Mini trapilho basket

The Red Thread After the traplho basket, here is the mini basket! And in the neon version, we're a fan. Source

Ottoman trapilho

All in rascality Now in pouffe version. Because, yes, it's comfortable, the trapilho! Source

Trapilho bassinet

My little odds and ends What if we pleased a little girl? Here is the doll basket in trapilho. We fall for so much cuteness. Source

Trapilho bracelet

Morning by Foley And as a bracelet? It is also possible! We are told everything in this nice tutorial. Source