10 French windows to open your interior onto the garden

10 French windows to open your interior onto the garden

To open your interior to the exterior spaces of the house, French windows appear to be both practical and decorative! These large openings that will perfectly bring light into your interior will be real allies in fine weather to facilitate access to the garden. So we do not hesitate and we choose one of these 10 models according to its style!

A contemporary French window

Lapeyre In order for your French window to also adapt to your outdoor space, you have to bet on a model that matches your facade and your garden. Here, we chose a contemporary model that we harmonize with the garden furniture.

A sleek French window

Lapeyre If your house is more of a designer style, make sure your French window is sufficiently refined to match the facade of your house. You can bet on a black aluminum frame for example.

A French window that makes you forget

Lapeyre For a traditional house, we prefer a French window that makes us forget in order to enhance the terrace. To do this, bet on a fairly simple and especially narrow frame so that only the opening dominates.

A graphic French window

Janneau If you opt for a large French window, you will be able to play the graphic card with several large tiles which will offer a design style to the room and outside.

A bay window window

Janneau To open your interior to the garden and benefit from a very large opening for maximum light, you can opt for a French window window-like window that will have two or three panes of glass that will slide.

A French window on a whole wall

Isofrance Windows Similarly, you can use a bay window that takes up a whole wall to create an exit to the outside. The French window then becomes an integral part of the bay window by finding its place on one of the panes.

A traditional French window

Isofrance Fenêtres Do you want a French window that corresponds to a fairly classic style? You will then opt for a wooden model which you will leave the natural color visible. It can respond to your parquet for example.

A window of original shape

Point P To offer a traditional style to your interior, you can also bet on a French window which gets rid of the rectangular shape thanks to a round window.

A colorful window door

Point P Finally, to create originality in the house, you can also bet on a French window that you choose with a colored frame. Here, we opt for green to energize the openings.