20 DIY ideas in the garden with palettes

20 DIY ideas in the garden with palettes

Whether in our homes or in our gardens, wooden pallets are widely acclaimed because of their ability to turn into practical decorative accessories. Transformed into a pretty chicken coop, a comfortable hammock, nice flower pots or a cabin for children, discover 20 ways to integrate them harmoniously into your outdoor space.

A hammock made of wooden pallets

The Merrythough Who has never dreamed of lounging in the garden in summer? This is now possible thanks to this comfortable hammock. A beautiful palette of wood, rope, some DIY tools, a soft mattress and voila! So tempted? * Source: The Merrythough *

A mobile aromatic herb holder

DIY show off Special mention for this nice horizontal support intended to accommodate aromatic herbs. To do this, start by removing three horizontal planks. This will make it easier for you to place your aromatic plants inside the board. Then sand the rest of the structure and add a wheel. In this way you can easily move your support. Easy right? * Source: DIY show off *

A door and a small bridge

Funky junk interiors To make this DIY, put an old wooden pallet sanded on the floor. Then hang a second pallet on your wooden wall using hinges to create a door. An idea to remember! * Source: Funky junk interiors *

A wooden exterior door

Wooly moss roots Robust, wooden pallets have the main advantage of withstanding almost all weather conditions, so do not hesitate to use them as a garden door. Attempted ? Visit the Wooly moss roots blog and discover the many possibilities available to you. * Source: Wooly moss roots *

An outdoor path on pallets

Funky junk interiors Do you want to build a path in your garden? No need to spend a fortune, wooden pallets will be your best allies. It's simple, once you have prepared the ground, all you have to do is arrange your wooden pallets. A real breeze! * Source: Funky junk interiors *

A natural terrace

Hoosier homemade Similarly, if you like to tinker and give new life to your everyday objects, consider making a terrace using pallets available in specialized stores. No need to be an expert, start by cleaning them with a product used for terraces. If necessary, do not hesitate to sand them to give them a certain uniformity. Do not forget to remove the stray nails and also make the necessary repairs which will promote their solidity. Then tint the palettes with a dye. And finally, clean the surface intended to accommodate the terrace by removing weeds. Do not forget beforehand to define the surface of your terrace and to dig holes, twice as deep as the pallets in the places where you will install them. Add gravel and sand, put the pallets in the holes ... and that's the job! * Source: Hoosier homemade *

Put away your bikes

Lowtechatmo If you regularly use your bicycle and you have no garage, cellar or space reserved for storing it, one solution is to divert old pallets in support to store it. It's simple, just get two old wooden pallets, sand them to remove splinters and irregularities and extract the remaining nails. Once this step is completed, all you have to do is place one of the pallets on the ground and the second against a wall, then install your bikes. Mini budget, maximum effect! * Source: Lowtechatmo *

Put away your gardening tools

Our little acre A nifty solution for the storage of garden tools if you have only little space to store your gardening equipment, is the manufacture of a support in wooden pallet. First step, make a compartment at the top of the pallet by cutting the upper half of the board, then make the door using a few pieces of a second pallet and hinges. Brush the pallet and finally attach some hooks ... You are now ready to hang shovel, rake and other gardening tools. * Source: Our little acre *

Support for flower pots

Kelly Moore Blog Do your flower pots keep piling up in your garden? Correct the situation by making a support to protect them from the cold and bad weather. It's easy, you just need to get an old palette, fix clamps here and there in which you will install your flower pots. Nice isn't it? * Source: Kelly Moore Blog *

A DIY chicken coop

The DIYer's corner The pallets still have many surprises in store for us, the proof with this nice chicken coop made with wooden pallets, a mesh, nails, hinges and hinges. * Source: DIY corner *

A vegetable patch on recovery pallets

Stephanie Bricole If you have a green thumb and you are looking for original and inexpensive solutions to make a small vegetable garden, then this idea should please you. To make it you will need a palette, scrap pallets, a wooden cleat, a few screws, paint, your DIY kit, without forgetting the soil and aromatic plants. Seduced? Discover this clever idea step by step by visiting the excellent Pure sweet home blog. * Source: Stephanie Bricole *

A vegetable garden like a wall

Sponge design You can also imagine your vegetable garden vertically by placing your pallet upright. After sanding your palette, staple it to the back of the landscaping fabric, fill it with potting soil and plant your salads and aromatic herbs. * Source: Design Sponge *

A planter for the garden

Lovely Greens Another cool idea is to transform your wooden palette into a rectangular planter. Start by cleaning your pallets and don't hesitate to sand them with coarse sandpaper for a perfect finish. This step completed, put a pallet on the ground and remove the three top boards. Then turn your pallet over and remove the board that is located most in the center of the pallet. To cut the pallet into two equal parts, first draw a marker line in pencil, then cut with a saw. Take care to recover each uncoupled element in good condition. Recover the three boards left aside which will be used to define the length of your planter. All that remains is to make the bottom of your planter. To install the boards that will serve as the bottom, screw the cleats to the desired height, depending on the amount of soil you plan to place in your planter. And, if you run out of boards, don't hesitate to use pieces from a second palette. * Source: Lovely Greens *

A sandbox on wheels

Julie Adams Making a sandbox with pallets? Your children will be happy! You can also attach four wheels to your sandbox on casters. So you can easily move it around your garden. * Source: The Grace Tales *

Recovered compost

Young house love Want to make a solid compost at a lower cost? Think of the recovery pallets. Start by placing on the ground three pallets that you will take care to assemble between them. Once this step has been completed, attach a wooden plank to the front. And that's the job! * Source: Young house love *

An unusual decoration for the porch

Southern House Restoration Your porch lacks character and you want to give it a decorative touch? Opt for a wooden pallet rack ideal for placing your flowers. It's simple, you just have to sand your board, cover it with paint and place your plants. * Source: Southern House Restoration *

An original table

Far out Flora Do you like a garden table made using wooden pallets? First step, start by completely destructuring your boards. Once this step has been completed, the next step is to make your table. To do this, get four table legs and attach them to four boards. Then you just have to place your wooden planks in the central flower box following the advice of Far out Flora. * Source: Far out Flora *

A potting bench

BHG No need to ruin yourself by buying a repotting table, with recuperation and a little imagination, you can just as easily make yourself a pretty table to repot your flowers and tinker in the garden. By recovering an old chest of drawers or using pallets you can make your own work table by equipping it with hooks for tools. * Source: BHG *

A gardening table

Jennaburger Similarly, you can also make a gardening table using simple wooden pallets. Start by installing screws at the ends of the two boards. Once done, fix the two pallets between them using hinges then install two chains on the ends of the two boards. So you can open and close your table at your convenience. Bonus? The production of this table costs only a few euros. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it! * Source: Jennaburger *