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Recreate bistro cuisine

Recreate bistro cuisine

A desire for warm and friendly cuisine? Bet on the bistro style inspired by cafes of yesteryear. With its practical furniture, its red and black tones and its retro details, it is easy to recreate it at home. Here are some ideas to draw from to transform your kitchen into a real little bistro.

A large dresser

Maisons du Monde For a bistro spirit, we bet on a large dresser that houses all the dishes and that brings a real decorative touch. For even more authenticity, choose it in aged wood with chicken wire doors.

A large wooden and metal table

Gross Interior Product To take meals with the family, we opt for this large wooden table and its metal base. Accompanied by a few stools and wooden chairs, it brings a lot of charm to the middle of the room.

A checkered tablecloth

Eminza A must for Parisian taverns and bistros, the Vichy motif easily finds its place in your kitchen. You can bet on a tablecloth, chair cushions or even napkins to brighten up your table with charm.

A metal clock

Gross Interior Product To accessorize a bistro kitchen, you can think of an industrial style clock. This blue patinated metal model offers a vintage cachet to the kitchen and is ideal to place on a wooden sideboard or a zinc piece of furniture.

Old wooden crates

At the neighbors Make original by creating storage with old wooden boxes that were used in the past to transport soda bottles. You can put your vegetables or your kitchen accessories there for a successful retro effect.

A patinated buffet

Maisons du Monde Find the atmosphere of real Parisian bistros with this red patinated wooden buffet. Its inscriptions on slate brasserie-style doors and its shell handles make it a room full of authenticity in the kitchen.

Rattan chair

Decoclico If you usually find it on the terraces of Parisian cafes, the rattan chair makes a small place in a bistro-style kitchen. Bet on a sober look like this blue and white braided model.

A retro look scale

Wesco To embellish the kitchen, choose this bright red balance that looks like yesteryear with its large dial and its metal measuring bowl. To make it a decorative element, you can use the bowl as a fruit bowl.

A Coffee Bar canvas

Maisons du Monde Ideal for rediscovering the old-fashioned charm of a bistro, this retro-looking canvas brings an original style to your decoration. To enhance it, hang it on the wall or simply put it on a low sideboard.