Decorative beams in decoration

Decorative beams in decoration

The exposed beams have an undeniable charm in your interior, whether it is decorated in a contemporary or rather rustic way. Depending on the treatment you impose on them, you will obtain very different atmospheres, with an architecture and a setting of character.

Beams workshop office

Ikéa A workshop or an office can be enhanced by exposed beams left almost raw. It is indeed a work piece that the raw materials will naturally decorate. You may even be able to play with these beams to create practical storage along your walls. To highlight this architecture, brighten up the room as much as possible with very light wall and furniture tones.

White beams room

Ikéa Look a little seaside for this room with tinted exposed beams. Despite their imposing stature, they nicely emphasize the slatted ceiling without adding to the decoration, and illuminate the room thanks to their white tint in harmony with the ceiling, the walls and the frames. We can therefore afford to decorate the room with furniture in more distinct colors: the rendering is both natural and contemporary.

Gîte le Nid des Anges bedroom

Sokebana - Le Nid des Anges When the ceiling is low or sloping, it is better to avoid massive beams which would completely suffocate the space. A good compromise is to play with the frame by wrapping it completely in the ceiling without making it invisible. The ceiling is covered with clay and the wood remains visible without weighing down the space: a sober and natural style.

Living room with white beams

Castorama Who said that exposed beams inevitably give an interior style too rustic? By playing on contrasts, the beams, whether dyed in light tones or conversely in very dark tones, will give a certain charisma to your contemporary interior. They can become an unparalleled graphic element to highlight a space and reveal an architecture of character.