30 splashback ideas to furnish your kitchen

30 splashback ideas to furnish your kitchen

A credenza like a painting


We love the adhesive credenzas which can be bought by the meter, which are cut, glued and peeled off to change the credenza like a shirt. Very original, this Ikea motif promises to bring character to your kitchen. LYSEKIL double face model with clouds and dots.

A stainless steel credenza with shelves

Roberta Becherruci / Meero

On this stainless steel credenza which reflects the light and perfectly protects the wall from splashes, thin metal shelves have been integrated to place some decorative objects. Elegant and practical.

A credenza that goes up to the ceiling!

Leroy Merlin

And why should the credenza be limited to the space between the worktop and the cupboards? What if we made it go up to the ceiling to enlarge the space and dress the whole room?

A Carrara marble credenza

Roberta Becherruci / Meero

Ultra-chic, this marble credenza catches the eye like a painting: a choice full of originality to favor for a small kitchen open to the living room, in order to integrate the dining area into the decoration in all elegance.

A chevron credenza

Leroy Merlin

Very trendy, the chevron pattern easily finds its place in all types of cuisine. Very simple, it creates an effect of rhythm that is both graphic and refined. A risk-free choice.

An oak credenza covered with glass

Roberta Becherruci / Meero

To take advantage of the beauty of the oak while facilitating the maintenance of the kitchen, we cover the wooden splashback with a glass panel which returns the light. Ideal with a white worktop, in a contemporary and Scandinavian spirit.

A black and white checkered credenza


To bring personality to a small kitchen, we put on the black and white patterns of this Ikea wall covering which sticks easily to the wall. A perfect graphic splashback to transform the kitchen in two stages, three movements!

A splashback in Azujelos tiles

Roberta Becherruci / Meero

At the heart of the current trend, cement tile patterns are essential! We fall for an adhesive coating to stick, or we put real porcelain stoneware tiles in the "Azulejos" style, as in this very beautiful kitchen full of personality.

A mirrored credenza


In a small kitchen, a mirrored credenza enlarges the space and brings depth as if by magic. Admittedly, it must be maintained regularly to avoid stains and fingerprints, but the result is spectacular!

Wood in the kitchen


The 2016 Ikea catalog brings a lot of new products in the kitchen! The proof is, this Metod model Marsta finish gives a Scandinavian atmosphere to the room by mixing the white storage elements and the wood-colored credenza. For more functionality, you can also hang a credenza bar and hang wooden bins on it.

A light splashback!


To concoct good meals on your work surface or wash your vegetables in the sink, nothing like a light splashback, with integrated neon lights. This will allow you to see better. The little extra decoration? Have a white worktop that will reflect more light.

A two-tone credenza

Leroy Merlin

Can't seem to decide on a splashback color? Opt for patterned wallpaper on the wall and add a copper effect splashback so that you do not damage it with water or any splashes when you cook.

A false brick wall


In a style straight from American kitchens in Brooklyn, we love this kitchen splashback freshly thought out by Ikea (reference Metod finish Savedal), which gives the impression of having a brick wall. It will go perfectly in a white or slightly vintage room.

The total black look


In contrast to the immaculate splashback, a black model immediately gives elegance to the room. This color is to be preferred if the furniture in your kitchen is wooden or metallic in color. To avoid having a too moody atmosphere and too weak lighting, add some decorative objects or colored utensils and LEDs above your credenza.

Harmonize space


In this bright white Iris Mobalpa kitchen, the splashback literally blends into the decor. Its very natural gray tint is soothing and in perfect harmony with the color of the marble worktop. This visual continuity creates a modern space in a Zen spirit, ideal if you are often stressed when trying a new recipe!

Mondrian inspiration


The kitchen designer SoCoo'c suggests putting color in the kitchen! The Mezzo model combines different shades - yellow, red, blue and white - inspired by the famous motif of the painting Piet Mondrian. On the credenza side, the brick wall of the kitchen has simply been painted in a sparkling royal blue that awakens the space.

A warm kitchen


In this living room, the American kitchen extends into a central island which also serves as a dining area. The two-tone credenza has warm tones which give a cozy side to the space. Here, no credenza bar that would overload the wall, but simply a few accessories such as a mixer or a cutting board, placed against the credenza.

A hood bottom

Leroy Merlin

You do not want your credenza to be damaged when you cook? There is a good compromise both practical and aesthetic: the bottom of the hood. This stainless steel model, signed Leroy Merlin, is easily washable and delimits the space well. It is available in stores at a price of 79 euros.

A girly credenza


In a sober room, you can opt for a pink or beige splashback, which will bring a touch of softness and femininity to the space, as in this Cooke & Lewis Fog kitchen in which the shelves and the storage elements are all in harmony .

Pop color splashback


To energize your kitchen, don't be afraid to choose a splashback colored in warm tones like orange. Consider painting a section of wall in the same shade or adding decorative utensils and accessories in order to recall this color in small touches.

A slate credenza


The sticky notes on the fridge are a bit outdated. Today, the trend is to leave sweet words on the walls! This credenza made of slate by the blogger Deborah of the DeboBrico site, will allow you to write a message to your dear and dear or your children, but also to note your shopping list.

From the mosaic to the walls


Who said that the mosaic was reserved for the bathroom? She now takes over the kitchen walls by creating a pretty pattern on a splashback. All you have to do is find your happiness among the multitude of graphics and colors found in DIY stores.

Customize your credenza


To have a unique piece, you can create your own credenza using wall tiles, like this hexagonal model with earthenware decor (reference Makara). It's up to you to glue the tiles as you see fit to create a more or less abstract shape.

A multifunction credenza bar


The credenza bar is a very practical storage support, but when it has several functions, it becomes almost essential - especially in a small kitchen. With its numerous hooks and dedicated compartments, it will allow you to store your utensils and accessories in a very precise place.

Install a magnetic board

Leroy Merlin

To have an original cuisine, consider adopting a magnetic splashback. This magnetic board allows you to write your shopping list, your recipe of the day but also to hang photos in Polaroid format or a timer. You can easily clean its surface using a suitable cloth.

Make a custom frieze


This credenza will not be seen by everyone, and for good reason, you can fully personalize it by choosing each of the tiles that you will place above the worktop. To take advantage of practical but discreet storage, add a designer credenza bar to store your spice jars, utensils, paper towels ...

Choose a tart color


This white kitchen brings a feeling of serenity thanks to the green water color that adorns the walls and the brick backsplash. You just have to repaint your wall directly or install colored bricks. This breaks the chic side of the immaculate kitchen elements and will soothe you when you are behind the stove.

Patterns invade the kitchen

C my credenza

If you do not want to have a solid splashback, choose a more or less imposing and colorful unique pattern depending on the size and style of your room. You can customize your model, designed in glass or aluminum, on the C ma credence website.

Colorful tiles


Who Said The Tiles Were Outdated? This material is full of possibilities and when it is invited in the kitchen, as much as it is colorful! On the ground, such patterns can be a bit too kitsch, but on a splashback, they bring out the kitchen elements and bring light.