The bedroom opens onto the bathroom

The bedroom opens onto the bathroom

To form a single space dedicated to relaxation, we open the bedroom to the bathroom in the style of large hotels. If you are a family, this system will also allow you to benefit from an ideal parental suite to enjoy a little privacy.

Two open rooms

Delpha ### If your bathroom and your bedroom have two different rooms, know that you can unify them by creating a large opening that will connect the rooms. And we opt for the same decorative style!

One large room

Leroy Merlin ### If you have enough space, you can place your bathroom directly next to your bed. To mark the change of room, you can opt for a different floor covering.

A simple indentation

Aquamass ### If your bedroom has a nook, don't hesitate to integrate your bathroom space. You can however put the bathtub forward to create a decorative effect.

A hidden bathroom

Hand craft Design ### To create a bathroom space, you can bet on a large piece of furniture that will allow you to define the different functions. For this, a long piece is ideal.

Just a bathtub

Goal ### If you want to be able to relax in your room, you can simply opt for a bathtub that you will place in this room. The rest of the toilet will then be done in the bathroom.

A raised space

Saint Maclou ### To delimit the bathroom space and that of the bedroom, if you have a large room, you can bet on a slightly raised tray for the bathroom. You will then maintain unity while delimiting the spaces.

A bathroom at the back of the bedroom

Blanc des Vosges ### To hide the bathroom in the bedroom, you can opt for a wall that will serve as the headboard and that will hide the bathroom. It will then be in the same room while maintaining the user's privacy.

A wall for the sink

Allia ### In the same way, you can create a partition that will close part of the room in order to install a sink on the other side. It's practical and aesthetic!

A spa bathroom

Aquamass ### Finally, if you want to create a bathroom like a spa, just have a bathtub and add a bed that will allow you to relax.