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Recreate a white decor enhanced with colors at home!

Recreate a white decor enhanced with colors at home!

Is your interior rather white and lacking in cheerfulness? We invite you to take inspiration from this decor imagined by Dulux Valentine to create a contemporary interior in your home where white is delicately enhanced with touches of color.

Shopping list: dark parquet

Saint Maclou We decorate the decor on a dark parquet floor which provides a warm contrast with white. Be careful not to choose black but a dark brown which will bring a contemporary style while keeping a note of softness.

Shopping list: pink paint

Dulux Valentine To bring the decor to life, we choose pink paint, for good humor, which we will come to apply subtly and in a fun way. For example, you only paint a detail of the room, such as window frames.

Shopping list: a white sofa

Fly On the furniture side, it is the white sofa that monopolizes the attention of the room. We choose a corner model in order to structure the space. In terms of color, white will therefore respond to the walls and the rest of the furniture.

Shopping list: a white carpet

Fly Likewise, we put on a white carpet which will materialize the rest of the living space by offering a nice contrast with the floor. For a warm atmosphere, opt for knitted effect rugs.

Shopping list: nesting tables

La Redoute For the living room table, we do not choose one but two models to take possession of the room of good size. We play with a pull-out model that we can adjust according to the space we have. For the graphic side, we choose a white model and another darker.

Shopping list: a magazine rack

La Redoute And to accessorize the living room, we also think of having a magazine rack which will be very practical for leafing through a magazine in the living room but also and which will elegantly dress the surface of the living room to give it more warmth.

Shopping list: a low piece of furniture

Ikea To dress the rest of the room, we put on low white furniture like a TV stand that we install all along a wall to offer very refined decorative storage.

Shopping list: decorative vases

LSA International To accessorize this long piece of furniture, we are going to bet on decorative accessories! We will thus have many vases all along by choosing very designer white models but also others more colorful like these.

Shopping list: multiple cushions

Ikea Finally, to add pep in the room and respond to the door frames, we put on a multitude of cushions that we will place not only on the sofa but also on the floor. Do not stick to pink and choose blue, orange and dark purple.