10 ideas to heat the garden

10 ideas to heat the garden

Before winter, we continue to take advantage of a few rays of sunshine to settle in the garden. In terms of decoration, autumn changes the codes of our outdoor spaces and we are focusing on a decoration that warms the atmosphere of the garden. Here are 10 ideas for increasing the temperature.

Warm furniture

Akwa We are putting aside the ultra design furniture for this summer and opting instead for warm models with a rustic touch like this raw wooden bench which could also be installed near a fireplace.

A brazier to warm up

SAID GAI DE GREZ To really warm up, nothing like a brazier around which you can install your garden armchairs in order to benefit from the heat of the fire as if it were a fireplace.

A brazier for the atmosphere

SAID GAI DE GREZ If you do not want to use your brazier as a fireplace to warm you know that the mere sight of the fire brings a warm atmosphere. You can then use a standing brazier for the decoration of the garden.

Good lighting

The Danish Boutique For a warm garden, nothing like good lighting. More than ever, we are thinking of installing wall lights that will illuminate the outdoor space when the light begins to dim.

Auxiliary lighting

Spoiler For your auxiliary lighting which will also bring a lot of heat to the garden, you can have a few lanterns on the terrace.

Decorative lighting

Le Deun lights At nightfall, use decorative lights to give a warmer impression in your garden. We think for example to choose a light with warm tones like this model.

Warm accessories

Akwa To give an autumnal ambiance to your garden, accessorize your garden furniture using warm cushions and why not a faux fur plaid.

Textile pots

Bacsac Rather than choosing traditional flower pots, choose these textile models which will give a much warmer atmosphere to your garden.

Carpets on the floor

Chilewich To warm up your terrace, bet on outdoor rugs. As in the house, they dress the floor to give a warm feeling that will be ideal this fall.