Install a carpet in the house

Install a carpet in the house

Do you want a warm interior? With a soft carpet, your interior will play the cocooning card in the blink of an eye. So to help you find the ideal place for your carpet, here are 10 ideas to discover in pictures.

A carpet for each space

Leroy Merlin In this large room, the rugs will be used to warm the atmosphere. Several mats are then used to delimit the different spaces.

A carpet to wake up the sofa

Ikea By placing a colorful carpet under your sofa, you will define the living space by offering it a lot of warmth. And you can also bring a bright color into your room.

A carpet to define the living room

Ikea Here, the living room is entirely materialized by the graphic carpet which is then installed under the armchairs and the small side table.

A carpet under the coffee table

Maisons du monde When you have a sofa, you can then delimit the living room space using a carpet by placing it under the coffee table.

A carpet in the kitchen

Ikea The kitchen also has the right to its carpet. We then choose a model specially designed for this part because it must be resistant to grease and stains. To emphasize the space, choose a long model that you will run in front of the worktop.

Carpets to warm the atmosphere

Maisons du monde In this chalet-themed room, we used carpets to refine the decor. So, we did not hesitate to use several sheepskins arranged around the bed.

A carpet that highlights the shape of the furniture

Fly In this living room, the corner sofa defines the living room. Suddenly, the carpet accentuates the shape of the furniture by placing itself in the corner of the sofa.

A carpet at the foot of the bed

Fly For a feeling of warmth in the bedroom, we install a carpet at the end of the bed that will almost entirely cover the bedroom floor. It will put the bed forward.

A carpet on one side of the bed

Maisons du monde Finally, to keep your feet warm when you get out of bed, you can simply opt for a carpet that you will place on one side of the bed and which will then serve as a bed descent.