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Bougies La Française unveils its new fall-winter 2013 collection

Bougies La Française unveils its new fall-winter 2013 collection

For its new collection, Bougies La Française places the house under the sign of cocooning with candles that are inspired by the fall / winter seasons. On the program: Nordic inspiration and games of materials to make the house a real refuge.

Wood in the spotlight

Bougies La Française For candles that change from traditional models, Bougies La Française puts the spotlight on wood. With a subtle material effect, these designer candles imitate wood to bring a warm note to the home.

Wool in the spotlight

Bougies La Française To go into winter gently, a candle that imitates wool will have the most beautiful effect in your interior. You will understand, this season we match its candles to its plaid.

Gourmet candles

Bougies La Française What if you deceived your guests by placing a few candles in the shape of delicacies? On the table, these cookie-shaped candles will blend in with the decor in style.

Sweet candles of yesteryear

Bougies La Française Are you looking for an ideal candle for winter breakfast or to decorate your charming kitchen? The milk bowl candle is made for you! It will find its place on the table as well as on a shelf.

Fall Spirit

Bougies La Française Before thinking about winter, we celebrate autumn in the house with these pretty candles which are none other than little squirrels to place in your decor. With a few pine cones, the decor will be planted.

Forest style

Bougies La Française And to recall the forest more generally, you can also bring owls and owls into your decor. He is also a very trendy figure this season.

Little birds in the background

Bougies La Française For a slightly rustic look in your decoration, also count on small bird candles which will find their place on a coffee table for a delicate and romantic decor.

Winter candles

Bougies La Française And soon to stick to the winter season, the candles take their own themes with "by the fire" or "crystals & flakes" that will set the winter decor in the house.

A scented candle

Bougies La Française Finally, if you want a pleasant winter smell, the warmth of a candle and the chic of a sleek glass, Bougies La Française also offers you its scented candles that will enchant your interior.