Trendy "metro plan" in urban decor for teens

Trendy "metro plan" in urban decor for teens

The metro maps of megalopolises such as London or New York land in the decor, available on furniture, bed linen or wallpaper! Big lovers of urban decor, teens should quickly give in to this very "underground" trend, here is a little overview…

International metro map on the caisson

Paragraph ### Revisited, the New York subway plan gives way to the imagination with stations inspired by the whole world: Shangai Circus World, Lubyanka… The result? A very trendy black box to store your things!

The London Underground map on the desk

Paragraph ### The two main lines of the London Underground, the red and the blue, are on the desk! They each serve their turn the most famous stations in the British capital: Picadilly Circus, Notting Hill, Kensigton ... Trendy places that make teens dream, but before, make way for concentration!

New York subway plan dresses up the bed

Goal ### The bed linen adopts a typically New York outfit to play the urban card in the teenage bedroom. The Big Apple subway map is shown, from the red line to Harlem and the Bronx, to the gray line to Brooklyn. All that's left is to travel across the Atlantic to explore it in the flesh!

The New York subway map, canvas version

Goal ### Definitely, public transport in the city that never sleeps never stops to decorate the teens! The plan of the "subway" also takes the front on the wall by declining in the form of XXL canvas. Very successful urban rendering!