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The different roofs to discover in pictures

The different roofs to discover in pictures

When we talk about the roof, we often refer to the whole house, that is to say its importance! And according to the regions but also the types of housing, this famous roof is not the same. We therefore invite you to discover different types of roofs in pictures.

The zinc roof

It is the famous roof of Paris! The top of the buildings are in fact covered with metal plates which have the advantage of not requiring maintenance. In addition, metal, whether zinc or aluminum, adapts to all types of roofs.

The slate roof

Etablissements Fabié Lauuze is a flat stone that is mainly used for roofing in the Alps, the Massif Central or Corsica. Very resistant to bad weather and fires, it however insulates badly from the cold and gives a certain weight to the roof. It is now little used given its fairly high price.

The galvanized steel roof

Leroy Merlin Steel allows you to create very resistant tiles and give a traditional look to your roof while benefiting from the qualities of steel, ie lightness and good durability.

The colored steel roof

Leroy Merlin The advantage of steel is that it also allows you to offer a more original roof by opting for color. The terracotta aspect is of course available, but you can also treat yourself to a very designer black roof.

The Roman tile roof

Leroy Merlin And if you want more originality, you can opt for an imitation of Roman tiles thanks to bituminous fiber plates. They not only offer an original roof, but are also economical, easy to install and resistant.

The double Romanesque tiled roof

Leroy Merlin Note that the Roman tiles also exist in double version and in more traditional colors. Made of composite materials, they are then light and easy to cut.

The northern storm tile roof

Leroy Merlin For very good resistance, know that the shape of the tile is taken into account and that the northern storm type has good resistance not only to impact but also to UV.

The traditional tiled roof

Leroy Merlin Similarly, the tradipannes type, made of composite material, offers good resistance not only to loads but also to impact and UV rays for a durable and aesthetic roof.

The composite tile roof

Leroy Merlin It is undoubtedly the most traditional form of tile with its typical curves. It is both durable and resistant, especially in composite materials.