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The young girls' room is dressed in purple

The young girls' room is dressed in purple

Far from the candy pink decor, the teenage bedroom affirms its femininity with purple. Plum, hyacinth, blueberry, orchid, fig or magnolia, whatever it is, it is a fruity or floral palette that gives a new face to the room of young ladies, whether they are 12, 14 or 17 years old . Demonstration.

Pairing white and eggplant

Goal At 13 - 14 years old, we trade the flashy purple, which has become too childish for darker purple in order to give more temperament to the room. And so that it nevertheless keeps all its softness, it is balanced with white. Bingo! It's a winning duo that dresses the piece. It only remains to choose space-saving and trendy furniture, such as this mezzanine with a bed corner and a dressing area and young teenagers will be satisfied!

When purple gives a punch to the decor

Fly It is a purple full of freshness which boosts the decor of this a little too wise room. To avoid overdoing it, only the furniture, headboard, bedside table and cupboards, have been color coded. Combined with white bed linen, light gray walls and fuchsia pink cushions, the look looks good and wonderfully reflects the energetic and calm world of adolescent girls.

Violet in small doses

Fly The entrance to the school announces a new wind in the room. No more superfluous objects, growing up also means giving way to a sober and refined decoration. Only the purple hue continues to enhance the space. It is found on a carpet with long wicks and in striped bed linen, at the top of the trend. Because there is no age to taste!

A purple wall for an ultra romantic decor

Fly Approaching the course of the majority, young girls choose purple for its romantic and soothing side of which here is a fine example. The purple color of the walls is enhanced by two powdered stickers imitating the look of paper shades. On the bed, a herd of cushions in several purple hues awaken the off-white atmosphere of space. Difficult to resist this decor that leaves you dreaming…

A shade of purple

Clever Here is a room with clean lines. Practical, full of storage, it seduces us with its shades of purple and its atypical layout. Teens will love it!

Warm and modern

Maisons du Monde This room presented by Maisons du Monde has it all. The furniture has very traditional lines but is brought up to date with a pretty shade of purple. The decorations are feminine and colorful, enough to satisfy a growing little girl.

Purple and gray: an alliance that works

Tomasella Compas In this room, purple and gray combine perfectly to offer an atmosphere that is both girly and contemporary. We love the curvaceous bed and its very modern shape.


Vertbaudet Romantics will be seduced by this magnificent room signed Vertbaudet. The metal bed seems to have come out of our grandparents' attic, just like the suitcase placed under the bed. As for purple, he has fun here with pretty shades of pink! WE love !

All in color

La Redoute Here we discover a magnificent young girl's room where white is associated with fresh colors. The bed is very practical and has a built-in bedside table. At his foot, a magnificent pink suitcase has been placed to keep lots of secrets.

A chic room!

La Redoute This room seduces us with its bed and the sheer curtain that dominates it. We love the colors that were placed on the walls and the pretty pink of the bed linen. A great success.

Convenient and girly

Ros In this room, proposed by Ros, the furniture is simple and practical. The touch of purple is brought by the color of the wall which offers a strong and beautifully girly shade.

A child's soul

La Redoute Your little girl is growing up but keeps a child's soul? This adornment should fill it. Feminine and contemporary, it will brighten up the bedroom for young and old alike! Available on La Redoute.

A purple bed

La Redoute Today, the furniture adopts the shade you want. So we've found you a purple bed as practical as it is cute for your young daughter's room. We love the choice of colors and the presence of a drawer that can take on the storage or additional sleeping function.


La Redoute Coup de Coeur guaranteed for this dark purple metallic bed that brings authenticity to your young girls' bedroom. We love its sometimes retro, sometimes vintage side. With it, you can give free rein to all your decorative desires.