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Reinventing the decor of toilets under the sign of travel

Reinventing the decor of toilets under the sign of travel

Would the summer craze around holidays and travel have inspired the most shunned room in the house in terms of decoration? To believe the moods that follow, yes! From Paris to New York via Bombay or the Indonesian islands, gentlemen the WCs break stereotypes to create surprise, destination elsewhere.

Travel well to us

Leroy Merlin In these toilets, it is the photo gallery effect that changes the game! And not just any photos. All evoke unforgettable memories of travel and vacations, sorted on the job. Personalization that suits him freshly.

Travel to India

D'Home Productions You had to dare the Bollywood look, but these toilets succeeded with panache. The secret of their success: sun-yellow walls, baskets with woven patterns, Buddha heads in a collection version and a traditional fabric plated vertically! The little extra? The style lesson of this decor, to discover on video HEREā€¦

Trip to New York

Wirquin The emblem of the big apple, the yellow taxi, hit the headlines on the wall while the view of the Empire State Building is displayed in duplicate, on the toilet seat and on a decorative frame. New York, trendy destination to the little corner!

Travel in the tropics

Ikéa A flowering palm tree next to it, complete with accessories in dapper colors: that is enough to transport the toilet bowl under the tropical sunlight!

Trip to Paris

Leroy Merlin Sobriety and elegance are in the toilet here. A bias supported by a chic graphic wallpaper, a black, plum and silver color code and, icing on the cake: photographs bearing the image of Paris!

Travel in mainland France

Wirquin Paris or New York, this space could not decide. Result: an urban atmosphere staged through a gray mouse dress code, a brick wall and decorative letters forming the word "city".

Journey to the summits

Leroy Merlin Esprit high perched cabin for these toilets, all in wenge, from floor to ceiling! Guaranteed Japanese effect.

Trip to the Amazon

Leroy Merlin To give your toilets the impression of being in the middle of the Amazon, start by covering the walls with an exotic wood imitation coating. Then add a few trunks in one of the recesses to complete the decor.

Travel to Asia

WC point This small woven bamboo basket gives the toilets a completely different atmosphere just installed. Here we are in the twinkling of an eye traveling in the heart of Asia!

Travel to Portugal

Porcelanosa The bluish cement tiles in these toilets take us to Portugal! We love !

Travel to japan

Roca Do you like a trip to Tokyo in your toilet? Nothing could be simpler with the famous Japanese toilets! Design, hi-tech, they have everything to please!

Travel in Scandinavia

Burgbad Here, the use of blond wood on the wall, white and clean lines for the furniture take us straight into the softness of the Nordic countries. Welcome to Scandinavia!

Sea trip

Porcelanosa Want to travel at sea in your toilet? Fastoche with this blue-green tiling and this incredible view of the blue waters of the Mediterranean!

Journey to the East

WC point Walls covered with silver mosaic, an openwork stool, a multitude of candles, in these toilets, direction Orient! Relaxing and warm, they are a real invitation to a change of scenery.

Forest trip

Edoné For a simple walk in nature, adopt toilets that play with wood. Know that a simple stickers or a flap incorporating wooden knots will also do the trick!