A wooden table for my dining room

A wooden table for my dining room

The most classic of tables invites itself into the dining room to welcome friends and family over delicious meals. Traditional wooden table? Not necessarily ! Revisited from every angle, it folds into all styles. Demonstration.

A raw wood table

Paragraph ### Back to basics. With a barely worked wooden table, the spirit of nature in its most original form takes over the dining room. A tendency not to lose sight of if you have a pronounced taste for natural or even industrial decoration. Indeed, the metal legs of this table are reminiscent of warehouses of yesteryear.

An exotic wood table

La Redoute ### The fall that is taking place does not prevent creating an exotic and sunny side in the living room, quite the contrary! With an exotic chocolate-colored wooden table, there is room for escape at mealtime. The right idea? Surround it with rattan chairs and a woven resin suspension to further accentuate the atmosphere from elsewhere…

A gray effect wooden table

AM.PM ### Nice example of a round table. The natural color of the massive elm gives it a gray appearance with a very sophisticated look. Perfect for entertaining guests. The central base of the table, gently carved between curves and curves, underlines the refined look of this dining area.

A varnished wooden table

La Redoute ### Here, it's on high-pitched seats that we eat lunch or dine side by side. Followers of the "American bar" style, here is a table made for you: rectangular, high and narrow, room for conviviality! On the color side, we say yes to varnished wood. Between freshness and shine, it fits perfectly in this white dining room.