Parade of colorful kitchens

Parade of colorful kitchens

The essential ingredient of a convivial kitchen is color! The acidulous tones adorn the room where you can taste recipes full of energy and good humor. Here are five models of colorful kitchens to inspire you.

The mosaic effect takes over the credenza

Schmidt ### In this Schmidt kitchen, the splashback tiling displays a mosaic of pastel tones (pink, blue, purple, green) enhanced by a few yellow and orange squares. In this space where whiteness and transparency reigns thanks to the white lacquered furniture and the glass brick partition, this colorful touch is welcome! It brings freshness and lightness to the kitchen…

Large mix of colors in the furniture

Fly ### Dare to mix colors! The high cabinet in this kitchen is a perfect example. Its doors display shades of black, pink, apple green or mauve for a cheerful and original result. The kitchen has guts!

The contrast of colors between decorative accessories, furniture and credenza

Fly ### Halfway between pop and graphic trends, this outstanding cuisine is not limited to a single color. The furniture is red, the walls are gray blue, the credenza is tiled in white and black in a checkerboard fashion, two small round carpets, purple and green, adorn the floor, while the 4 chairs around the table are in different colors, ranging from black to green, from yellow to pink. A description that speaks volumes about the daring marriage of colors. Here, no rule to follow as long as you breathe freshness and good humor.

Apple green wins the kitchen

Ikéa ### Apple green in all its splendor. Combined with white, here it dresses part of the furniture to wake up the kitchen space. The result full of freshness and pep has something to seduce those who love color.