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Recycle scrap fabric: full of ideas

The emerging spring feeds our desires for new decor. To achieve this without breaking the bank, the easy and inexpensive tip is to recycle scrap fabric! Because these textiles that we were about to throw have great potential for makeovers. The proof in pictures.
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20 ideas to dare the carpet in the dining room

It warms, it protects but above all it decorates wonderfully. The carpet slides under the table and chairs but not only. Ideal for changing the decor without renewing your interior, it is available in all forms. Here are 10 decor ideas for daring the carpet in the dining room.
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Wall coverings inspired by our children's games

They are called Rubik's Cube, puzzle, domino, beads or labyrinth and are part of the V.I.P list of games that marked our childhood. Here they resurface, in the form, who would have believed it, of decorative wall coverings. Everything to please us and sow fantasy inside…
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A cozy apartment cleverly restored

Direction the 3rd arrondissement of Paris where the architect François Corvier achieved the feat of transforming this pretty two-room apartment of 64 m² into a functional and modern three-room apartment. Clean, soft colors, tastefully decorated, bright and
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